Shade Shelter


The Shade Shelter was originally designed to be an open air shelter for gliders, however the requirement for this fairly quickly reduced. The photo below was taken in the mid 1990s and is taken from the12/30 runway end of the building looking back towards what has since become the Air Chalet precinct. The double decker bus was to be a ammenities facility for glider enthusists and pilots, however that goal never really achieved. The photo below was taken about the mid 1990's.

The sign below was in the shade shelter and a honesty box below the sign to collect the money. While not a lot of money was collected, it did provide some money to what was a cash-strapped organisation.

The next anticipated use was as a under cover picnic area, It had been planed to install a tank to collect rainwater off the roof, concrete the floor area and install solar powered electrical lighting.

What actually happened was that the area ended being occupied by great collection of junk (see photo immediately below - taken Jan 2006) and the area was shunned by most potential users.

Eventually the association removed most of the junk and improved the amenity of the area such that it could be used as a picnic area. One bay is still used to provide under cover parking of the association's tractors and other plant.

Photo below: At the 2009 QVAG/AFM Festival of Flight, the Air Force Cadets used the shade shelter and set up camp under and around it.