Drainage Systems about the Airfield

The sub-soil structure at the airfield is clay at about 450mm under the surface, above that is a loamy-gravelly miz that can best be described as spewy when wet and like set concrete when dry. The airfield surface is also fairly flat with a slope existing in the private hangar precinct.

storm results 16 Dec 2010

In the photo above, the flooding during f a big storm (16/12/2006) can be seen in the air chalet precinct. It took about 10 minutes for all this water to drain into the drainage system surrounding the Air Chalet Precinct.

In the photo can be seen the settling pond. This pond is situated on the lowest point of the airfield and most (but not all) of the airfield drains end up feeding their contents into this pond. Any sediment in the water from the drains is allowed to settle in the pond, thus avoiding any contamination of the adjoining land. The pond is also situated well away the runway system, thus reducing any adverse effects from wildlife which use the pond.

The two photos show work undertaken in 2009 to improve the drainage of the taxiway on the eastern end of runway 12. The spoon drains were deepened and velocity traps installed in the downhill portion of the spood drain bording the eastend of the private hangar precinct.